Friday, August 9, 2013

Turning a new leaf, really need to get my things in order. And be as I once was. Since getting ill I've allowed everything to stop, I've stopped doing things and enjoying life as I should. So from now on I want to once again live life. Be were I once was and stop living in isolation. I will start by working on 1 item each week, a word, phrase or art. And begin from there. This week's will be for routines I need to do for myself in the morning. * Morning walk * Yoga * Meditation * Some type of craft (knitting, crocheting, art journal) * Quiet time for reflection. These are simple steps, and I want to include them in my life starting today, so I picked up the dogs leash, called "Caliban" and off we went on a walk. It felt good to just spend time outside, it was not too hot or cool, the sounds of the birds in the trees were still there be it that is was 9am. We came home and I began a cup of coffee for myself, sat back and enjoyed it. I took up my sharpies and worked a little in my journal, will finish up some art work in it tonight. And we will see how the rest of the day goes. I intend on working these 5 little changes into my life once again.